Conceptual Design

A project is only as strong as its overarching story. In this phase, we work with our clients to cultivate a compelling story that solidifies their project vision and informs the design direction. We consider this phase the compass to our projects, as we refer back to the concept often to ground and guide our design decisions.

Design Development

We pride ourselves on not only delivering highly creative ideas but knowing how to make those creative ideas come to life in the built environment. We maintain an important balance between our creative and technical knowledge as we start to document our ideas onto “paper, and begin to refine design thoughts into a practical way that’s suitable for successful fabrication/construction. 

Construction Documents

This phase bridges the gap between the conceptual ideas and technical execution. Our team translates the big ideas into physical drawings that include plans, building sections, and architectural details. We meticulously coordinate the construction documents with other disciplines (i.e., civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, landscape, interiors, etc.) to ensure a high level of quality documentation for the General Contractor to reference during construction. 

Construction Administration

While a project is being built, we stay involved to ensure that design intent is properly executed throughout construction. Our team stays actively involved with the contractor and works closely with them and the project stakeholders, to solve problems and develop thoughtful solutions as situations arise. This allows us to deliver a high-quality project to our clients.